Staff Members

Setting up Staff Members

Basic information to be provided for each Staff Member

  • Name of Staff Member within Title
  • E-mail address where bookings will be notified
  • Telephone number
  • Featured image (displayed only on the 'Services' shortcode on the front-end)
  • Description of Staff Member (displayed in the front-end booking form in the "Staff Member Selection" step and within the "Staff Member shortcode". )

Limit bookings to the following services

This option may only be used in those specific cases where the current Staff Member is only able to provide the services specified in this field.

When specifying services in this field, this Staff Member will only be available for bookings if one of the associated services has been selected.

More customers per session (Lessons)

This option can be used when this Staff Member provides a service such as a class with several students and can be booked several times for the same date/time slot.