Setting Services

Service Settings and Options


The price of the service can be defined in this field. Do not enter the currency symbol. If you wish to use decimals first, go to " Settings > Payments > Decimal Separator "and define your preferred decimal separator symbol. To change the currency, go to " Settings > Payments > Currency'

Units per session

This option represents the number of bookings you can receive on the same date and time for this specific service. This option must also be consistent with the " Customers per session " that you set up in the " Settings > Booking Rules > Client per Session '.

This option should reflect the number of assistants you have who can provide this specific service at the same time.


Case A 

If you have set "Customers per session" = "2" and you are able to provide this service to two customers at the same time, then you must set "Units per session" = "2".

Case B

If you have set "Clients per session" = "2" but are only able to provide this service to one person at a time, you must set "Units per session" = "1".


Unless you are using the " Basic availability mode "In all other cases, you must set the duration of each of your services in order for the booking system to function properly.

You can change the time fraction options available here:

by going to " Settings > Booking rules > Average session duration " and modify this option by choosing a fraction that best suits your needs. Then return to the service options and set the duration accordingly.


If you set this option, the current service will be displayed within a passage of the front-end booking form dedicated to the " Secondary services “.


Set this option if you want that in case the user selects this service, no other service can be selected in the same booking.

Hide on the front-end

Set this option if you do not wish to show this service during the front-end booking process to your customers. If enabled, this service can only be booked by the salon administrator from the back-end of the website. This option is useful when you need to add extra time charges to specific bookings.

Order of Execution

This option is useful when you want to assign a specific execution order to each individual service booked within a single booking.

It is only very important when using the " Selection of several assistants' as an order of the services provided is necessary to define the availability of assistants.

No assistant required

Use this option for services that do not require the presence of an assistant, e.g. when providing the use of a facility.

Service interruption

This is useful when a service is provided in two stages with an intermediate 'waiting time' in which another booking can be made. Think of the 'hair colouring' service, which is usually provided in two stages. You can only accept bookings that last a maximum of the duration of the break.

Service Description

Here you can provide a detailed description of your service that will be displayed on the front-end. This field accepts html tags.

Featured Image

You can set a featured image for each of your services, which will be displayed on the front-end booking form and within the 'Services' shortcode.