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Turning a wash into emotion, a hair treatment into pleasure, giving holistic beauty in the salon with the help of equipment and technology. It is the mission of the Japanese brand Takara Belmont which, with its innovative projects and tailor-made technologies, is outlining new working paths for Italian hairdressers and their professionalism. Of course, the hairdressing is still about cutting hair and doing colour. But it is the experience the customer expects to have in their salon that has changed.
It is Sabrina Landini, master technician of Takara Belmont, to explain the meaning of this transformation. The good news is that, for those willing to innovate, equipment and technology turn into immediate business and turnover in the salon.

The holistic salon experience

"The key word to understand the new world of the hair salon is emotion'., explains Sabrina Landini, master technician Takara Belmont Italy. "In fact, hair salon clients not only expect to leave with a cut and colour that satisfies them, but also to have a pleasant, holistic experience for the mind and senses. For this reason, Takara Belmont's customised designs and technologies have the primary goal of arousing emotions. The aim must be to offer solutions to the hairdresser and his customers by creating new services, generating experiences of comfort, well-being and connectivity. All through appropriate structured spaces"..

La Zero.Bio Quantic SPA, technology green and technical furnishings


"Thanks to Takara's consultancy, salon furnishings are transformed from a simple living space into a satisfying and profitable opportunity. A space in which the hairdresser has everything he needs to generate the service experience he wants to offer his clients. The décor goes from static to dynamic. Let me give you a few concrete examples. The moment of hair washing, with the Yume hair wash unit, is transformed into a real SPA station, into a bed ready to welcome beauty rituals. The special Zero.Bio Quantic SPA room, realised in cooperation with Takara Belmont, creates a new salon space in which 'green' technology and technical furnishings generate multi-sensory sensations. The operator, together with the customer, experiences energetic well-being and beauty".

The package leaflet is not enough!

"Obviously - explains Sabrina, It is not enough to buy a piece of furniture and equipment and read the package leaflet. In the Takara Belmont world, training plays a fundamental role. We are aware of the need for hairdressers to have the tools, methodologies and paths to grow in their professional life. Not an instruction booklet, therefore, but real support guaranteed by specific professional trainers, prepared by the Takara Belmont team itself to offer continuous assistance updated to the new needs of the market. And thus make the fateful leap in quality'.

Lo Spa Mist IIultrasound technology


"Let's take another example by talking about a very special piece of equipment. The SPA Mist II, the compact, mobile ultrasound technology that visibly improves hair health, shine and colour brilliance, ensuring longer-lasting results. It is clear that the hairdresser needs training to understand how to make the products he already has in his salon interact with this new machine. A machine that changes the results and performance of his work in the salon.

Takara Belmont training supports the hairdresser with tailor-made training days. The training can last one or two days, with customised on-site interventions. I am a trainer and representative of the Zero.Bio Quantic SPA project - considered by Takara Belmont to be the leading project in the world of hairdressing, beauty and SPA. I strongly believe that work and training must become one. Also in terms of furnishings and equipment. Only then can the hairdresser make a successful entrepreneurial path".