Hairdressing education


The SHAPO' project was born from the meeting of entrepreneurs in the sector with the same dream, to found a network where they could find tailor-made and effective training.

The project involves industry professionals with great expertise in different fields and trainers capable of sharing fundamental concepts for professional growth and business development, in an Ethical, Creative and Performing manner.


Our mission is to support customers in the development of their entrepreneurial project through a new, tailor-made training system, focused on the unique needs of each individual entrepreneur and his or her staff.




Tailor Training Salon courses are constructed and realised individually for salon owners only after defining the objectives through careful counselling.

They provide: Customised training for a single team. Taking place at the salon on dates agreed with the owner and where he/she can also host colleagues and collaborators from other partner salons.

Tailor Training Salon allows you to:

  • decide when to do training according to the organisation of the salon
  • involve all staff, because the training will take place directly in the salon
  • being able to interface with the trainer to create the perfect path, ask questions and request customisations for individual needs
  • save on travel costs
  • for a single charge all staff will have the opportunity to participate in the course
  • have security for your investment as you will know the format in advance and in detail
  • no obligation to purchase products

The Quick Learning online platform hosts our on-demand courses and much more.

The evolution of the last few years has led us to invest in this H24 service channel to support offline so that we are always close to you wherever you are and with the tool most convenient to you.

The quality of the images, the shots from multiple angles and the clarity of communication of the trainers, even on complex concepts, will allow you to experience the online training like never before.

In addition, you can:

  • watch videos wherever you are and at any time of day
  • review an action several times, freeze the image and review it as many times as you like
  • share the vision with all your staff
  • choose only the techniques that meet your needs
  • create a tailor-made training course
  • review the concepts and techniques seen with the trainer
  • save on travel costs
  • no obligation to purchase products