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Managing Customers Customers archive From this section of the plugin you can control and manage the information on your salon customers. Customer details page For each of your customers you'll have this customer details screen.

Staff Members

Setting up Staff Members Basic information to be provided for each Staff Member Staff Member name within Title Email address where bookings will be notified Phone number Featured image (displayed only on the "Services" shortcode on the front-end) Staff Member description (displayed on the front-end booking form [...].

Setting Services

Service Settings and Options Price In this field you can define the price of the service. Do not enter the currency symbol. If you wish to use decimals first, go to " Settings > Payments > Decimal Separator " and define your preferred decimal separator symbol. To change the currency, go to " [...].

Give your brand visibility

Give your brand visibility. And you as a hairdresser, what do you think? Whether you have just opened your salon or have been doing it for several years, the growth and development of your business will be achieved by gaining new customers and retaining them. Making your brand known, giving it visibility and promoting your [...]


Lunedì 29 gennaio 2024 dalle ore 10:00 alle 12:00, nella nostra nuova accademia QUICK LEARNING.ACADEMY in via del Lentischio 62 a Sinnai (CA), invitiamo i clienti parrucchieri a partecipare al nostro primo OPEN DAY dell’anno nel quale verrà presentato il programma education 2024. Tantissime saranno le novità, tra le quali spicca il “PROGETTO SALONE “, […]

What are the techniques for cutting hair?

Different people cut their hair for different reasons. Talking to you about what a client does not like about the current cut can help guide you in making the necessary corrections. Similarly, if you have a specific hairstyle in mind, you should be honest and detailed about your expectations so that your client can make [...]

We are looking for an office clerk in the Cagliari area.

  Have you just completed your commercial and/or IT studies? If you have knowledge of DIGITAL MARKETING - ADMINISTRATION - ACCOUNTING, now is the time to put your skills to use. THIS IS THE RIGHT PLACE FOR YOU! QUICK LEARNING is looking for a Clerk for office work with digital marketing, administrative and accounting skills Contract of employment [...]

We are looking for Sales Agents for the provinces of Nuoro, Sassari, Olbia Tempio, Ogliastra

"If you want to fulfil yourself, add the right skills to your aptitudes" Start now in the right way. Choose the best... QUICK LEARNING is looking for Sales Agents for North Sardinia Provinces of Nuoro, Sassari, Olbia Tempio, Ogliastra is required P. Iva and Enasarco registration The resource, reporting directly to the Sales Area Manager, will have the following responsibilities: management of [...]