RID Paypal

to request the automatic debit of instalments for subscription to the 


Dear Customer, Thank you for purchasing the QuiclLearning/Lycnos Hairdressing Digital Marketing Package for the period January 2023 - December 2023.

You have already paid the agreed down payment for the service, while the remainder you have chosen to confer by means of an automatic instalment via Paypal, which you will be charged automatically:

  • to your remaining Paypal account - or, failing that...
  • from the current account linked to your Paypal account - or...
  • from credit cards linked to your Paypal account.

By clicking on the Subscribe button, you will then be asked to subscribe through Paypal for:

  • 10 instalments
  • March to December 2023
  • each in the amount of €166.80

The accrual includes:

  • the amount for the service purchased
  • VAT
  • PayPal RID costs

Please click on the Paypal Subscribe button to accept the installment and start the subscription.

In order to avoid any misunderstandings, we only ask you to make sure that from now until the end of the subscription plan the amount due is always available on the aforementioned accounts.

For invoicing and any needs, please contact Davide Marras at quicklearning.academy

At the end of the subscription plan, you will be asked if you wish to renew it for another 12 months, at a price of € 60.00 per month, plus VAT and Paypal costs, for a monthly total of € 76.00 to be invoiced as agreed.

Click on the yellow button below to confirm the debit of the instalments and then follow the instructions until the procedure is complete.